<![CDATA[INWARD SPACES - Journal]]>Mon, 13 May 2024 21:05:21 +0800Weebly<![CDATA[Designing a bathroom]]>Wed, 17 Aug 2022 01:10:22 GMThttp://inwardspaces.com/journal/designing-a-bathroomWhen picking bathroom tiles, you can do two things:
1. Have a clear design or inspiration to draw upon
2. Go in blind and get inspired by the available tile finishes 

I went with #2 and looked around for something clean and simple. Given the timeline, I need to choose tiles that are available. There is no use in looking at multiple options and falling for something that is not on- stock. For reference, the lead time for ordering indent items are 3- 4 months. If you have the luxury of time, I suggest getting these orders during the start of your construction phase. 
One can easily be overwhelmed with the choices so better block out a good portion of your day for this. Take your partner, a good friend, or someone whose opinion you trust. Make a day out of it and try to enjoy the process. 

After choosing the tile for the bathroom, everything will slowly fall into place. Hard part is over. 

For this contemporary bathroom, I wanted the fixtures to standout from the muted tone of the tile. The matte black finish of the fixtures did just that. It was a simple switch of color that made such a visual impact.
Now, the mirror I used here was made- to- order and it was used for two bathrooms with the same design. It was imperative we did a full- size mock- up before it was fabricated since there was beveling involved. To soften the hard nature of a bathroom, I like pairing a rounded mirror whenever I can.
When designing a bathroom, take it as an opportunity to be more experimental. It is often  overlooked so, feel free to add in wall sconces, a funky wallpaper pattern, or clashing tile patterns. You really can do anything.
<![CDATA[And we are live. Welcome to my blog!]]>Fri, 22 Jul 2022 15:06:37 GMThttp://inwardspaces.com/journal/and-we-are-live-welcome-to-my-blogLet's kick this off with one of my site visits and the overwhelming feeling one faces when turnover season is fast approaching. I guess, it gets a little easier the more times you do it and it does help when your perspective shifts with age. Trying my best to be self- motivated and grateful for the work coming in.